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BCA volumetric lobe pumps, thanks to the conjugated rotation without contact of two rotors with two lobes within a suitably shaped chamber, create volumes and transfer air through the inlet manifold to the outlet one. They operate completely dry without any lubrication or residues generated by brushing or contact during rotation. The BCA volumetric lobe vacuum pumps should always be inserted in series with primary lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. With such combinations, it is possible to reach a high degree of vacuum.


In order to optimally manage the functioning, the BCA lobe pumps are equipped with the innovative AdaptShield technology which guarantees the automatic protection of the BCA lobe pump and the primary lubricated pump in case of critical events, such as loss of performance and over temperature.

BCA 500

SKU: 9904012/AS
Excluding Sales Tax
  • 356.3

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