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Very high reliability, vibration free, low noise level and easy maintenance are the main features of DC 4D, DC 8D and DC 16D double stage high vacuum pumps that make them suitable for laboratories, research institutes and universities. A coupling drive connecting motor and pump ensures reliable operation, long life and easy maintenance. Moreover, the DC 4D, DC 8D and DC 16D pumps are ideal for use as backing pump on ultra-high vacuum units.


Excluding Sales Tax
  • • On/off switch (1~ only)
    • Cable without plug (1~ only)
    • Thermal protector (1~ only)
    • Gas Ballast
    • Handle for transport
    • Shock mounts
    • Pack of SW100 oil
    • Hydraulic non-return system

    Main application fields:
    laser, leak detectors, freeze dryers, mass spectrometers and chromatography, laboratory autoclaves, microscopy, space simulators, under vacuum distillers, gel dryers, centrifuges and laboratory autoclaves, metallurgy, metallization, semiconductors.

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